Friday, 7 September 2012

Finding concerts

I often feel that trying to find out what concerts and shows are happening in a particular place on a specific day is quite difficult. The internet and search engines make things much easier of course, but finding out if there is something happening that you might want to go and see is still quite a long process. Trawling through the websites of every group you know of takes a long time, and their events calendars tend to include tours rather than gigs in a specific location. There are various websites that aim to let people know what's going on in a particular city, but they are often of dubious quality, tend to leave things out, and can't really be tailored to your specific tastes.

Because of this I've been wondering if there would be value in a customisable service that collated information from various sources and then kept people informed and updated about concerts, gigs, or events in general. You could choose a place, group, or act that you were interested in and then either receive updates when there was an event happening soon or get complete listings. The value would be in the customisable element - there are very few people interested in absolutely everything happening on any given night of the week in a place like Birmingham, for instance, and from my experience it would be very useful. It's actually something that Google seems to be trying to offer as part of their drive towards more personal search results. Now a Google search for a film provides times for cinemas near your location, but their service doesn't seem to cover music yet, and isn't very thorough.

This was one of the resources that I intended to provide on this blog when I first started it - hence the events pages and calendar - but at the time it proved to be too time-intensive. I'm thinking of starting it up again in a slightly different format similar to that described above, so if you are interested or know of a service similar to what I've just described (in which case I would probably sign up!) your feedback either here or on twitter (@andywarnock) would be very welcome.

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