Thursday, 29 December 2011

Political theatre

This is an interesting article about contemporary political theatre. The author argues that at the moment there is a tendency to present the same (generally left wing) view of contemporary events in the many plays that portray them, whether the subject is the riots or Enron. This gives the generally middle class audiences for these plays a comfortable ride that isn't really challenging.

I certainly think there are valid points here that also apply to music, especially forms like opera. It seems true that at the moment political theatre isn't as challenging as it could be but on the other hand at least these plays, along with productions such as 'Anna Nicole' show that contemporary art is being produced and appreciated.

It seems to me that it would be a good thing if more productions really challenged their audience to think more, and dealt more with the ambiguities and tensions in the events they depict, rather than forcing one interpretation of events on the audience. There are those who would disagree and say that if you agree with the views in the plays then they are playing an important and active role. However, it does seem as if things are getting a bit stale, and in my opinion challenging people through ambiguity is potentially more powerful than pushing one side of the argument anyway.

Political theatre's final curtain - Reviews - Theatre & Dance - The Independent

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