Sunday, 18 September 2011

Steve Reich: WTC 9/11

American composer Steve Reich has just released a new album titled WTC: 9/11. The album features three pieces: 'WTC 9/11', 'Mallet Quartet', and 'Dance Patterns' on the Nonesuch label.

'WTC 9/11', performed by the Kronos Quartet (who also commissioned it) reflects on the attacks on the World Trade Center attacks of the 9th September 2001. The music is scored for three string quartets and pre-recorded voices. These come from the day of the attacks and afterwards, and feature FDNY workers, NORAD air traffic controllers, and Reich's family.

'Mallet Quartet,' written for two vibraphones and two five-octave marimbas, is performed by Sō Percussion (who also co-commissioned it).

'Dance Patterns' is scored for vibraphones, xylophones, and pianos, and was a contribution to Thierry de Mey's film 'Counterphrases of Anne Terese de Keersmaeker's Coreography.'

Via: The Independent
Source: Nonesuch

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